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Powerful content display module for K2

RAXO All-mode K2 is a multipurpose content display module for K2 component. It has a really wide functionality and can be applied in various situations. Demos are really boring and don’t tell much about the product. We found a much better way to show how powerful the module we created is. Enjoy the gallery of some clients’ sites that use RAXO All-mode K2 intensively

Module Favorite Features

Friendly Administration Panel

This module will become your favorite one for its perfect balance between wide functionality and easy use. We managed to create a powerful professional extension and still keep it simple and intuitive. Administration panel has a clean and user friendly interface that lets you effortlessly navigate through the module options.

TOP Items

TOP Items & Regular Items

Module output can be divided into two logical groups: TOP items and regular items. Emphasize the most important news by creating particular views for TOP items with larger text and bigger thumbnails. Besides, TOP and regular items can have their own sets of content elements like date, author, hits, number of comments, rating, etc.

Filter options

Content Filtering

Enjoy a truly wide range of filter options to specify the content selected.

  • Featured items: included/excluded/show only featured items;
  • Retrieve items from a specified time interval, allows you show news for the last e.g. 30 days;
  • Exclude some items by ID;
  • Show or hide intros of non-public items.

Thumbnail creation

Auto Thumbnail Creation

The module automatically finds images in your items. All you need is just to set the width and height you want and the module will generate thumbnails for your K2 articles.

  • Thumbnail source selection;
  • Control thumbnail size by defining width & height parameters;
  • Resize/crop images preserving aspect ratio;
  • Use default images for articles that have no images.

K2 tags support

Displaying Items by K2 Tag

The module provides an easy way to display items filtered by K2 tags. K2 Tags is a popular method to control and organize items other than through standard K2 categories.
For the convenience of module users K2 tags are formed as an ordered list. So you do not need to remember all the tags on your site, just select the ones you want from the existing list.

Versatile ordering options

Versatile Ordering Options

Arrange your items exactly as you need (up to 17 variants of ordering). Besides usual orderings our module provides some very special ordering options:

  • By date: created date or modification date;
  • Most popular or most rated;
  • Most commented or latest commented;
  • Random ordering.

Content elements

Content Elements

Flexibly manage content elements: title, thumbnail, text, date, author, rating, etc. Add or remove them from the module output to make each module block unique. Depending on the purpose, use a different set of content elements for each module copy on your site.

Template SupportTemplate Support

One content, many looks! Template usage is an amazing feature this module is loved for. You get one extension, but it can look absolutely different depending on design needs. Use existing templates or customize your own templates to fit the module into your website and make it look attractive.


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